Paddy-PowerBetting is a well-regulated and favorite leisure activity in the UK. Following the launch of first real-money gambling game on by an online firm Gamesys on Facebook last year, Paddy Power has announced to bring real money sports betting to social network Facebook.


“Facebook is to launch a sports gambling app in partnership with bookmaker Paddy Power, allowing users to gamble with real money for the first time.” The Telegraph.


A feature called “Paddy Power In-Play!” will be launched in beta in the next couple of weeks which is an app designed to enhance social engagement to online betting, allowing consumers to bet, as well as interact with other users. The first ever product to allow sports betting with real money on the social networking website which will be a remarkable turning point for a kind of businesses that are keen to capitalize on its millions of users. It is currently being trialed as an app for desktop users of Facebook in the UK, where gambling laws are more relaxed than the US, before being rolled out in the next few weeks.


Facebook has already faced criticism last year after introducing a range of casino games that allowed children to gamble with ‘virtual’ money. Paddy Power said that use of the app will be subject to “strict age verification checks”. In order to keep the under 18s out of online betting shop, there are various types of checks and balances. These products will be invisible and will not accessible to Facebook users under the age of 18 on Facebook. Facebook said that these features will extend to electoral roll searches and ID verification.


Paddy Power is renowned in the social media, using Twitter and Facebook to monitor and interact with its fans and their interests, with their Twitter account description offering ‘Betting news and banter served with a side of mischief’.


This application was created by Paddy Power’s games development team based in Sofia, in collaboration with its Dublin-based product development team. Peter O’Donovan, Paddy Power Online’s managing director, said: “The launch of the first real money sports-betting product on Facebook is testament to Paddy Power’s ecommerce and technology capabilities, as well as our international industry leadership position in social media. We are pleased to partner with Facebook on this pioneering work.”


The head of Casino partnership at Facebook, Will Collins said: “Given the popularity of sports betting in the UK, we’re delighted to be welcoming Paddy Power onto the Facebook gaming platform with an innovative gaming experience.” Facebook is going to design the social media features, hence, there might be things like posts that say what people have bet on, or status regarding their excitement about winning or losing.


The MD of Paddy Power Online, Peter O’Donovan added: “We are pleased to partner with Facebook on this pioneering work.”